Be yourself

We ourself are one of the important valuable one’s in our life. Today we are getting attracted to many of the new technologies due to which we are changing our self. We are not being actual ourselves. One of the most important aspect of life is to be what you are in every situations.

Most of the time people will not like because of your nature or behaviour but if you get angry or be you this will make life more easy in this tough world.being you will make life amazing . If you are trying to be someone else off course people will like you but not for longer period they like you in starting but after that they will not. Example we watch movie we always see that they play roles of different characters and we enjoy the movie. The point is after finishing the movie they are what they are , not carrying the movie image by themselves.

Same for life.I really find it sometime difficult to be myself I have to be different in every situation and behave according to that.and I think it goes same for everyone. We are different with our friends, parents, teachers etc WHY?

Why can’t we remain same in each situation.this would make life more motive is to just give you hint about yourself and just try to be you for beautiful life.